Finally I'm back

Yeah i know i really forgot that I've a blog
and 50+ followers who see(i think so) this blog.
Well I'd like to apologize for being such a bitch.
It won't happen again!!!
I'll start posting again once a month or twice
(don't know yet).
If you like check out my fashion blog 
and this one that i also forgot
Anyway,kisses and see ya soon
Angie D.


I really wanted you to be next to me,
telling me all the time that you missed me.
I thought  you were the one for me,
who could make my life wonderful.
I wanted to pay attention and tell me that I'm special.
But now my feelings for you are the worst.
Love causes only pain.
Angie D.


Take a chance..

...you never know
what might happen.
One of my favourite quotes.
Sometimes, we have to risk
about things that we are not pretty sure.
Anyway, I forgot my blog.
I'm so sorry guys I;m really busy this month.
So, I count days until Xmas!!
See ya next week
Angie D.


Back to reality.

Bye-bye summer!
I will really miss you.
It was one of the best summers in my whole life.
I took so many pictures
and I had the time of my life.
What about you followers?
I missed you too, but I'm back!
See yaaa
Angie D.


See yaa on the boat!!!!

Maybe it's my last post for summer of 2011,
because on Saturday I'm going to Crete!!!
So, that'means that I won't have Internet
for two months. I don't know if I'll survive,
but the only sure thing is that I gonna
have the time of my life!
Best wishes for a summer full in love and happiness!!
Hope to see you again,
Angie D.


Sweet 20!

Happy Birtday to me!
Yeah, on Monday was my birthday,
and I am officially 20!!!
I am so excited because I grow up.
Next Wednesday, I'm finishing
my exams and in 2 weeks
I'll go for holidays with my 3
best friends and my little cousin.
Have a nice summer,
Angie D.