Take a chance..

...you never know
what might happen.
One of my favourite quotes.
Sometimes, we have to risk
about things that we are not pretty sure.
Anyway, I forgot my blog.
I'm so sorry guys I;m really busy this month.
So, I count days until Xmas!!
See ya next week
Angie D.


Back to reality.

Bye-bye summer!
I will really miss you.
It was one of the best summers in my whole life.
I took so many pictures
and I had the time of my life.
What about you followers?
I missed you too, but I'm back!
See yaaa
Angie D.


See yaa on the boat!!!!

Maybe it's my last post for summer of 2011,
because on Saturday I'm going to Crete!!!
So, that'means that I won't have Internet
for two months. I don't know if I'll survive,
but the only sure thing is that I gonna
have the time of my life!
Best wishes for a summer full in love and happiness!!
Hope to see you again,
Angie D.


Sweet 20!

Happy Birtday to me!
Yeah, on Monday was my birthday,
and I am officially 20!!!
I am so excited because I grow up.
Next Wednesday, I'm finishing
my exams and in 2 weeks
I'll go for holidays with my 3
best friends and my little cousin.
Have a nice summer,
Angie D.


Countdown for summer.

Yes, I know that I have made
so many posts only for summer.
Okay, It's getting annoying but
actually my summer hadn't started yet.
I'm having exams at my university.
So, on July I'll go (finally) to Crete.
This year, I'll take some photos and I'll post them here.
Only for you guys!!!
Have a nice day!!
Angie D.


Such a busy day.

I did a break because I'm
studying since the morning.
It's really tough. You know,
I wish I had gone to Monaco this weekend
because it's Grand Prix of Monaco.
I'm so jealous now!!
I can't wait for summer!!
Angie D.


Summer where are you?

OMG, I really can't wait for the summer
to begin. I know that I have to study
but I'm not focus. I'm thinking all the
time Crete. I want to go right now
and burn all my books.
Anyway, I want some followers
to my tumblr account.
Angie D.



Well, today is the final of Eurovision 2011.
I must admit that I'm a big eurovision fan,
but I don't vote my favourite song.
This year I didn't hear all the songs.
My favourite eurovision song is
''All night long.''
It makes me feel very good
after a bust day.
So, Good Luck Greece and Loukas.
Angie D.
PS: Enjoy this song!



Last night, I watched Camille.
It was an amazing movie and
I was crying during the end.
As, I understood Camille
was dead after an accident
but she was still alive.:/
Anyway, I loved this movie because
it gave a message.
The next week I'll be so busy
because it's my exams for French.
Angie D.


When Angie goes for shopping therapy.

Well, today it was a busy day
for me, but I had free time
to spend. So, I went for shopping therapy
and I found these adorable shoes.
I bought them of course :D.
I have a big passion for sports shoes.
These days passed really fast
and guess what?
Tomorrow it's Friday!!
See yaa soon,
Angie D.


And my nails are...

Actually, I hate polish my nails,
but they look pretty nice.
Well, on Saturday I'll go
to cinema with my best friend
and we want to see a good movie.
Personally, I wanted to see
the amazing movie 127 hours
but it's not playing anymore at cinema.
So, any suggestions?
Angie D.


Everybody wants to be a cat!

because a cat's the only cat
who knows where it's at.
Well,kittens are so lovely and sly.
Maybe in my other life I was
a pretty cat,
because I have so many commons with them.
People think that I'm a shy and cute girl,
but actually I'm a self-confident and
proud girl.
That's all for now,
Angie D.


Rolling in the deep.

You're gonna wish you never had met me,
as this song says.
But actually, I gonna wish that.
When you saw me three hours ago
your face was like you wanted to speak to me.
The only thing I'm going to do is to deleted
all the good times we had together.
Just to forget the pain.
See yaa
Angie D.
PS: Follow me here please,


I stopped having feelings for you.

Last night while I was sitting in my room,
I suddenly understood that it's a waste
of time to cry for you, because
You don't deserve love.
I wish we hadn't met on December.
So, every time you'll see me,
I'll just ignore you.
Now,I'll stand on my feet again.
See yaa soon,
Angie Dube


I want to smoke right now!!

Some people say that a cigarette helps you
to forget your psychic pain.
Other people say that it helps you
to get away from
Anyway whatever it does,
I want it because I feel so broken
this month.
Hope to see you soon,
Angie D.
PS: Happy Bday James!


We became 30!!

Thanks so much guys!
I just want to follow you back,
but my account has a problem.
Don't worry I'll fix it soon.
So, tomorrow I'll go
for shopping therapy!
It will be a good idea to relax,
because this month didn't start quite as I expected.
Hope to see you soon!
Love yaa,
Angie D.


I want to be a FASHION FREAK!

I made my fashion blog on tumblr,
I have fashion magazines,
so the only thing I'd done since now,
is to make my inspiration notebook!
I'm searching photos at the moment.
I am so busy and I have only a break
to watch on TV Gossip Girl!!
See yaa,
Angie Dube


'Fashion is the healthiest
motivation for losing weight.'
Karl Lagerfeld.
Angie D.


Gossip Girl again!

Here are my girls !!
Tomorrow is a national holiday so,
See yaa soon.
Love yaa
Angie D.


I'm so sorry....

.. you're just nothing in my life!
We used to be friends 6 or 5 years ago,
but I know the truth
The only thing you wanted to to do with me,
was to exploit my friendship.
I don't care for you because
you're such an asshole.
Go to hell!!!
Now I have 7 loyal friends in my life,
and they love me!!
That's all for now!!
Angie D.


Only 3 months....

...for summer,
and I can't wait!!
I want to see again
my cousins and mu friends in Crete!!
I missed those nights !!
my best friends will come
to my house and I
promised them to make
I know it's a little bit diffucult.
That's all for me now,
I have to study french!!
Welcome new followers!
Love yaaa so much!!
Angie D.


So busy.....

....and why?
Because yesterday,I didn't study.
Today ,I ate ice-cream
for first time for this year.
The flavour of course,
was vanilla(my favourite flavour).
I made an account at tumblr.
Here is the link
follow me please.
Have a nice evening!!
Angie D.


All I need is.....

...a martini rosato and some relaxation.
My day didn't start off quite as I expected.
I woke up this morning with pains in
my stomach.
My best friend is in Amfissa
so I'll stay at home this Saturday.
But who cares?
I have my laptop here,
and I'll see episodes from supernatural.
That's all for now..
See yaa
Angie D.


I'm back bitchez....

...and I'm eating chocolate!
Today I'm feeling calm because
I'm home alone!!!
I made a new acount at fromspring,
so I want to ask me anything.
Also,it's spring guys ,so that means
that we have 3 months for
Welcome new followers!!
Have fun!!
Happy weekend!
Angie D.



And who am I?
That's one secret I'll never tell.
You know you love me.
Gossip Girl

Hit the road Jack ....

and don't you come back no more, no more...
What you say?
It's the mother f** row of Jack!!
It was an amazing night yesterday!
We danced,we sang and we drank a lot!!
Crystalia was really beautiful
and she wore awesome clothes!!!
I will say again and again


I'm crazy and I like it.

You know,
sometimes I want to scream that I'm crazy,
so I can't control myself!!!
This happens because there are
f*ckin moments and I want to
send you to hell f*ckin b*tch!
You think that all the boys in
your school are flattering on you but
it's not true!!!You're like a stray
dog with glasses and awful hair!
When you cry,I'm very happy.
When you're happy,I just

you're completely nothing in this world!
You didn't know that?
Sorry sweetie.
Just f*ck you I'm talking now
with the best words for you!!
I'm so sorry guys but if you knew the situation,
you would have the same feelings as mine!
Enjoy this weekend!!!
Angie D.


I'm singing in the rain.....

These days in Athens,
the weather is really bad.
It's pour with rain outside,
but I love it!!!
I'm a little scared about the
but it's ok!
Today, I am angry
because my team lost last night
in a
rigged football match.
That's all for now.
Love yaaa of course
Angie D.


Mama told me that
my blog need a renewal
so here we are!!!
The link will change,
so until then Ι will
inform you followers.
It's time to make new posts
with fashion,culture etc.
Also,I need some
likes in my sets on polyvore
to make a new one...
Love yaaa
Angie D.


All my life I've been good but now,

I'm thinking what the hell!!!
Avril Lavinge= My Passion.
When Ι was a little girl,
I loved her and still now.
What's your opinion
about the tomboy
who became a woman
in PINK?
I like her hair now,
because there are
Have a nice weekends
See yaa next week!!
PSl:How about change the name of my blog and the link?
Angie D.


A void post!!!

Happy Valentine's day!!
But I have to tell something
really important.
It's the worst day of my life,
I don't know why,
maybe because I am confused.
I don't know what to do

I want to tell you how much I love you
but I can't...
OK , I know that I'm a little bit shy,

BUT it's the firtst time
I really fell in love
with someone..
Call me crazy you are right!!
This post doesn't have any relation
about fashion or music,but
I didn't have another way
to express my feeling.

I need your help :/
Angie D.


Baby,I was born this way!

It doesn't matter if you love him,
or capital H-I-M.
All the eyes on the new song of Princess of POP!
Lady GaGa's song circulated yesterday!!
Of course, we saw a new style
at her appereance.
It's very possible that the song will be a hit!!
Love yaa Lady,
because you're crazy!!
PS: Listen the song here


If you wanna get with me, there's some things you gotta know

Ι like my beats fast
and my bass down low .
DEV is a new entry for me!!!
She is different from all other singers.
Her style isn't same like Lady GaGa's.
I said it because in my opinion,
all new singers copy
the style of Lady G.
Be original :)
and of course not fake :/
Love yaaa DEV!!
You rock!!!
Angie D.


New York.

I have a dream,like all the girls in the world
to wake up one day in New York with the guy I love
and have the best job in the world
I know I have very big fantasy!!!
Follow me please.....<3
Have a nice weekend
Love yaa
Angie D.


Lykke Li

Her voice reminds me a child's voice but it's cute!
Lykke Li is my new gluing.
I love her style.
Just f*ck you if you say that her voice is getting on your nerves!
Go on sweetie ,you rock!!


Just leopard!

I love this piture.
It combines classic fashion and modern fashion.
The colors are perfect.
I must admit that I want the book that holds the girl.


Winter I love u!!!

I love winter because I ike staying at home near the fireplace, holding my hot chocolate and watching(of course) a football match.The set I made in polyvore is about a walk in New York's streets(I hope)....
The model is Alexa Chung(love her).
These clothes are in the wardrobe of a simple woman.