When Angie goes for shopping therapy.

Well, today it was a busy day
for me, but I had free time
to spend. So, I went for shopping therapy
and I found these adorable shoes.
I bought them of course :D.
I have a big passion for sports shoes.
These days passed really fast
and guess what?
Tomorrow it's Friday!!
See yaa soon,
Angie D.


And my nails are...

Actually, I hate polish my nails,
but they look pretty nice.
Well, on Saturday I'll go
to cinema with my best friend
and we want to see a good movie.
Personally, I wanted to see
the amazing movie 127 hours
but it's not playing anymore at cinema.
So, any suggestions?
Angie D.


Everybody wants to be a cat!

because a cat's the only cat
who knows where it's at.
Well,kittens are so lovely and sly.
Maybe in my other life I was
a pretty cat,
because I have so many commons with them.
People think that I'm a shy and cute girl,
but actually I'm a self-confident and
proud girl.
That's all for now,
Angie D.


Rolling in the deep.

You're gonna wish you never had met me,
as this song says.
But actually, I gonna wish that.
When you saw me three hours ago
your face was like you wanted to speak to me.
The only thing I'm going to do is to deleted
all the good times we had together.
Just to forget the pain.
See yaa
Angie D.
PS: Follow me here please,


I stopped having feelings for you.

Last night while I was sitting in my room,
I suddenly understood that it's a waste
of time to cry for you, because
You don't deserve love.
I wish we hadn't met on December.
So, every time you'll see me,
I'll just ignore you.
Now,I'll stand on my feet again.
See yaa soon,
Angie Dube


I want to smoke right now!!

Some people say that a cigarette helps you
to forget your psychic pain.
Other people say that it helps you
to get away from
Anyway whatever it does,
I want it because I feel so broken
this month.
Hope to see you soon,
Angie D.
PS: Happy Bday James!


We became 30!!

Thanks so much guys!
I just want to follow you back,
but my account has a problem.
Don't worry I'll fix it soon.
So, tomorrow I'll go
for shopping therapy!
It will be a good idea to relax,
because this month didn't start quite as I expected.
Hope to see you soon!
Love yaa,
Angie D.


I want to be a FASHION FREAK!

I made my fashion blog on tumblr,
I have fashion magazines,
so the only thing I'd done since now,
is to make my inspiration notebook!
I'm searching photos at the moment.
I am so busy and I have only a break
to watch on TV Gossip Girl!!
See yaa,
Angie Dube