Such a busy day.

I did a break because I'm
studying since the morning.
It's really tough. You know,
I wish I had gone to Monaco this weekend
because it's Grand Prix of Monaco.
I'm so jealous now!!
I can't wait for summer!!
Angie D.


Summer where are you?

OMG, I really can't wait for the summer
to begin. I know that I have to study
but I'm not focus. I'm thinking all the
time Crete. I want to go right now
and burn all my books.
Anyway, I want some followers
to my tumblr account.
Angie D.



Well, today is the final of Eurovision 2011.
I must admit that I'm a big eurovision fan,
but I don't vote my favourite song.
This year I didn't hear all the songs.
My favourite eurovision song is
''All night long.''
It makes me feel very good
after a bust day.
So, Good Luck Greece and Loukas.
Angie D.
PS: Enjoy this song!



Last night, I watched Camille.
It was an amazing movie and
I was crying during the end.
As, I understood Camille
was dead after an accident
but she was still alive.:/
Anyway, I loved this movie because
it gave a message.
The next week I'll be so busy
because it's my exams for French.
Angie D.