And who am I?
That's one secret I'll never tell.
You know you love me.
Gossip Girl

Hit the road Jack ....

and don't you come back no more, no more...
What you say?
It's the mother f** row of Jack!!
It was an amazing night yesterday!
We danced,we sang and we drank a lot!!
Crystalia was really beautiful
and she wore awesome clothes!!!
I will say again and again


I'm crazy and I like it.

You know,
sometimes I want to scream that I'm crazy,
so I can't control myself!!!
This happens because there are
f*ckin moments and I want to
send you to hell f*ckin b*tch!
You think that all the boys in
your school are flattering on you but
it's not true!!!You're like a stray
dog with glasses and awful hair!
When you cry,I'm very happy.
When you're happy,I just

you're completely nothing in this world!
You didn't know that?
Sorry sweetie.
Just f*ck you I'm talking now
with the best words for you!!
I'm so sorry guys but if you knew the situation,
you would have the same feelings as mine!
Enjoy this weekend!!!
Angie D.


I'm singing in the rain.....

These days in Athens,
the weather is really bad.
It's pour with rain outside,
but I love it!!!
I'm a little scared about the
but it's ok!
Today, I am angry
because my team lost last night
in a
rigged football match.
That's all for now.
Love yaaa of course
Angie D.


Mama told me that
my blog need a renewal
so here we are!!!
The link will change,
so until then Ι will
inform you followers.
It's time to make new posts
with fashion,culture etc.
Also,I need some
likes in my sets on polyvore
to make a new one...
Love yaaa
Angie D.


All my life I've been good but now,

I'm thinking what the hell!!!
Avril Lavinge= My Passion.
When Ι was a little girl,
I loved her and still now.
What's your opinion
about the tomboy
who became a woman
in PINK?
I like her hair now,
because there are
Have a nice weekends
See yaa next week!!
PSl:How about change the name of my blog and the link?
Angie D.


A void post!!!

Happy Valentine's day!!
But I have to tell something
really important.
It's the worst day of my life,
I don't know why,
maybe because I am confused.
I don't know what to do

I want to tell you how much I love you
but I can't...
OK , I know that I'm a little bit shy,

BUT it's the firtst time
I really fell in love
with someone..
Call me crazy you are right!!
This post doesn't have any relation
about fashion or music,but
I didn't have another way
to express my feeling.

I need your help :/
Angie D.


Baby,I was born this way!

It doesn't matter if you love him,
or capital H-I-M.
All the eyes on the new song of Princess of POP!
Lady GaGa's song circulated yesterday!!
Of course, we saw a new style
at her appereance.
It's very possible that the song will be a hit!!
Love yaa Lady,
because you're crazy!!
PS: Listen the song here


If you wanna get with me, there's some things you gotta know

Ι like my beats fast
and my bass down low .
DEV is a new entry for me!!!
She is different from all other singers.
Her style isn't same like Lady GaGa's.
I said it because in my opinion,
all new singers copy
the style of Lady G.
Be original :)
and of course not fake :/
Love yaaa DEV!!
You rock!!!
Angie D.


New York.

I have a dream,like all the girls in the world
to wake up one day in New York with the guy I love
and have the best job in the world
I know I have very big fantasy!!!
Follow me please.....<3
Have a nice weekend
Love yaa
Angie D.


Lykke Li

Her voice reminds me a child's voice but it's cute!
Lykke Li is my new gluing.
I love her style.
Just f*ck you if you say that her voice is getting on your nerves!
Go on sweetie ,you rock!!